Top 10 Products & Trends

ONE – Audrey Lantern // TWO – Buck Bowl // THREE – Antler Bowl // FOUR – Victoria Lantern // FIVE – Koi Votive // SIX – Jovi Pot // SEVEN – Egyptian Vase // EIGHT – Profile Bottle // 
NINE – Lumberjack Pot // TEN – Mod Vase

One of the most anticipated post-show reports that we love to see is the top 10 products purchased during the shows. We know that you feel the same. So, without further ado… Here is what you are loving from our newest 2015 Holiday Collection!

Bronze metals are in the highest demand. This strong and elegant evolution from ever popular gold-craze has our customers begging for more. With its rich tone and antique/tarnished finish, this multi-dimensional bronze raw cast aluminum is a breathtaking addition to the holiday collection, and happens to be a finish included in our top 3 products (Audrey LanternBuck BowlAntler Bowl) in the new line.

From the brilliant mercury of the Audrey and Victoria to the metallic accents of the Jovi and the Profile, metallic finishes of many kinds are still heavily trending. We see these pieces being used in mass to make bold and modern statements, as well as accent pieces to be used within an eclectic mix of styles and textures.

Texture continues to be a main theme that we see carrying through many of the trends of today. It says so much and can evoke such emotion, that it tends to hold many of today’s hottest looks together cohesively. The elegant etchings of the Victoria Lantern, the scaled exterior of the Koi Votives…. These rich textures add dimension and emotion to any look and can act as key players in taking an everyday look to the next level.

Haven’t had a chance to place your holiday orders? No problem! Our entire product line is available online 24/7 at You can browse our newest 2015 Holiday Collection, or you can register today to start placing your orders! As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach us by phone at 1-800-385-5114 or email at


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