12 Days and Counting For These Playful New Product...

12 Days and Counting For These Playful New Products!

There are countless adjectives that we associate with the holidays. Joyful, peaceful, busy, restful, hectic, and the list goes on an on….

At Accent Decor, we believe that the holidays can be both playful and nostalgic, all at the same time. This theme is one of the premiere stories within our 2015 Holiday Collection, debuting online in only 12. More. Days.

You may remember when we shared a behind the scenes look at one of our most playful holiday photoshoots, with Mandy Majerik AIFD, on our blog. Well, today we are featuring all of the 2015 Holiday Collection that added a playful twist to the traditional nostalgic holiday themes within that story.

Playful nostalgia is just one of the many ways we interpret the spirit of the holiday season here at Accent Decor. Don’t miss the many others as we continue to reveal some sneak peeks for your viewing pleasure.

Did you miss last week’s video? No problem! CLICK HERE to watch as we reveal even more products, soon to hit the Accent Decor line as the 2015 Holiday Collection is released on June 22!



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