Accent Decor T2: Floral Artistry with Global Wire ...

Accent Decor T2: Floral Artistry with Global Wire Spheres

One of the questions we get asked often is “How do you suggest using the Global Wire Spheres?” or “How have other customers used these in the past?”
Well, that is a great question! We have shared a few ways that our designers have been inspired by these spheres, through the Design Center (click here for one example). 
The Global Wire Spheres are an amazing design tool, as well as beautiful stand-alone pieces. Their graphic lines and geometric nature can make a statement all on their own. However, they also contain endless possibilities when it comes to the ways you can design inside, around, and through them!
When L’Olivier was visiting us this past week, he blew us away with his vision for the Global Spheres, and we are so excited to share the step-by-step tutorial today on exactly how they were created!

– Wire Cutters
– 1.0mm Aluminum Wire in Silver (to secure moss onto the floral foam spheres)
– Cymbidium (both green and orange) | Purchased from Florabundance
– Hala Leaves | Purchased from Florabundance
Oasis floral foam spheres | 16in for the large global sphere and 12in for the small and medium sizes
– 3 3/2in Vinyl coated wire
– 3 U-Bolts
* Permanent botanicals could also be used if you are hanging this installment out of reach
* Again, a huge thank you goes out to L’Olivier for sharing his amazing talent with us and dreaming up these designs. You can see more of his work with Accent Decor within our Design Center.

If you would like an even more detailed look at how to assemble the Global Wire Spheres, please see the instructions below, which also come included with the spheres upon arrival.



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