Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Painted Pianos, Market Season, and a New Collection... Oh My!

You may be asking yourself... "What in the world is Accent Decor up to now?"
And we may smile and say "Oh, just you wait and see."

Our team has been firing on all Cylinders as we prepare to kick off the summer 2015 market season. The Atlanta showroom has undergone its complete re-design and is officially ready to be the new home of our 2015 Holiday Collection.

On June 22nd you will also be able to find our entire new holiday collection available online at

So, if you haven't made your plans already, make sure you book your trip to one of the following cities to see our brand new showroom design and experience our newest collection first-hand! We can promise that you can expect the unexpected.

AmericasMart | Building 1 18B1
July 7 - 14

Dallas Market Center | WTC 280
June 24 - 30

Las Vegas Market Center | C124 - New Showroom!
August 2 - 6


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Holiday Fun with Mandy Majerik AIFD

The final shoot.

If you have followed us from start to finish of a show season before (which I am sure many of you have!) you know that the final photoshoot of a season is a very exciting time for our team. It means that we are close to the finish line of sending our newest catalog to print, putting the finishing touches on our showrooms, and loading the final images onto our website in preparation of setting you loose on placing orders for the new line!

This year we went out with a bang, as Mandy Majerik of HotHouse Design Studio joined us to round out our series of holiday shoots. Though it was 85 degrees outside, we had a great time bringing holiday cheer to this location.

I hope you enjoy browsing a preview of these new products, and that they help you get into the holiday ordering spirit.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Accent Decor T2: Floral Artistry with Global Wire Spheres

One of the questions we get asked often is "How do you suggest using the Global Wire Spheres?" or "How have other customers used these in the past?"

Well, that is a great question! We have shared a few ways that our designers have been inspired by these spheres, through the Design Center (click here for one example). 

The Global Wire Spheres are an amazing design tool, as well as beautiful stand-alone pieces. Their graphic lines and geometric nature can make a statement all on their own. However, they also contain endless possibilities when it comes to the ways you can design inside, around, and through them!

When L'Olivier was visiting us this past week, he blew us away with his vision for the Global Spheres, and we are so excited to share the step-by-step tutorial today on exactly how they were created!

- Wire Cutters
- 1.0mm Aluminum Wire in Silver (to secure moss onto the floral foam spheres)

- Cymbidium (both green and orange) | Purchased from Florabundance
- Hala Leaves | Purchased from Florabundance
- Oasis floral foam spheres | 16in for the large global sphere and 12in for the small and medium sizes

- 3 3/2in Vinyl coated wire
- 3 U-Bolts

* Permanent botanicals could also be used if you are hanging this installment out of reach
* Again, a huge thank you goes out to L'Olivier for sharing his amazing talent with us and dreaming up these designs. You can see more of his work with Accent Decor within our Design Center.

If you would like an even more detailed look at how to assemble the Global Wire Spheres, please see the instructions below, which also come included with the spheres upon arrival.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fresh Floral Designs with L'Olivier

"Happy Holidays.... Happy Holidays...."

We might seem crazy with so much talk about the coming holiday season around here, but we are simply beyond excited with all that is coming down the pipeline in gearing up for your holiday orders.

This past week we had the privilege of inviting L'Olivier once again to come to Atlanta and create countless stunning arrangements to accent some of the pieces that will be included in our Summer 2015 Holiday Collection. We are the biggest fans of L'Olivier's work, and also thoroughly enjoy our time spent with him and his team. So it is always a win/win when he comes to town. 

Last week's photoshoot was on location at ONE Midtown Kitchen, a premier dining hotspot in the heart of the city. Set in a beautifully renovated urban warehouse we had lots of natural light and beautiful views, creating the perfect setting for some photographic magic to happen. 

We must also give a big thank you to James Hurley Designs for being so gracious in letting us overrun their shop and offer some helping hands during this shoot. It was truly one beautiful collaborative effort, and we think you will enjoy the outcome all the more, because of it.

We have an exciting summer ahead where these beautiful images will be put to use in both our upcoming holiday catalog (shipping out to you mid-summer) and online on June 1, with the release of the Summer 2015 Holiday Collection. Make sure you check back to our blog and website this month for more new and updates as we get closer to the release!

But for now, feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful view...