Spring Cleaning Savings

For those of you based in Atlanta, you know we have been having some knock-it-out-of-the-park beautiful weather. The kind that makes spring feel like a reality, and not some distant future. So perhaps it’s with a little bit of spring fever that we decided we need to do some spring cleaning and make room in our warehouse. To that end, we’ve gone through this morning and reduced prices on hundreds of items!

If you visit the Sale section of our website, you’ll find lots of ways to save on many of our favorite items. Browse baskets, metals, and garden; ceramics; glass; and accessories. You will also see a Scratch and Dent section, which we wanted to take a minute and explain in a little more detail. 
Items included in our Scratch and Dent discounts are simply product delivered to us in a way that does not align with how we have been marketing that specific product. For example, a shipment of the Norah Vases (pictured below) came in without being watertight. Since many of you use the Norahs with a liner anyways, you might be excited to purchase them at a discounted price!  

Because we rigorously check our products for color matching (to our catalogs and showrooms), water-tightness, shape, and variation of finish; you can often find great deals on some of our favorite products that came in with slight variation of coloring (such as the Urban collection), or simply a slightly different-colored base (like our Rivini Compote). All of the products in this section are clearly marked as to their imperfections and why they are included, so you can make an informed decision before purchasing.

All that said, be sure to visit our Scratch and Dent section and start shopping today!


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