Tour our Las Vegas Showroom

Did you miss the grand opening of our new Las Vegas showroom? 
Ribbon cutting ceremony at Accent Decor’s Las Vegas showroom
We worked hard this year to put together a brand new space, designed by our creative director completely from scratch. With whitewashed brick walls, reclaimed barn wood, curved walls, and many more special touches, this is our most innovative showroom yet. If you did miss the opening, and want to take a special peek inside, today is your lucky day because you can take a look at all 360 degrees of our showroom space in Las Vegas right here
If you missed this year’s shows, also be sure to take advantage of our website to shop the entire collection and all our new items online. You can also plan a visit to one of our showrooms, check out all the details and locations on our website. Please also note that even beyond each show season, our Norcross and Dallas showrooms are open Monday – Friday each week.


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