Wednesday, February 25, 2015

AD Inspiration: Featuring You!

Amidst the busyness of life and shows and travels and catalog-making and all that makes Accent Decor function every day, it is a rare treat for us to sit down and spend some time being inspired by the beauty being created all around us. That's why we are so grateful to all our customers and friends who send the inspiration right to our inboxes! We wanted to take a minute today to celebrate all those beautiful designs coming to us via FacebookPinterestInstagram, or email at Thank-you for sharing!

Design: Rose Gold Events
Product Featured: Spotti Pot
Design: Lauren of Studio Sven
Products Featured: Cacti Pot, Teagan Collection
Design by: Blumz
Products Featured: Moss SpheresBirch cylinderReclaimed wood
Via SMP - design by Robin Hollow Farm
Product Featured: Cannister
Design by: Expressions Arte Flora 
Product Featured: Vera 
Design: Greg Hall & Company 
Product Featured: Milan Vase 
Design by: XOXO Bride Events 
Products Featured: Sonata Hanger
Design: The Floral Department
Product Featured: Borough Vase
Thanks again for all your hard work putting together truly beautiful pieces to uplift and inspire. And thank-you for sharing them with us. If you'd like to see your work featured here on Stop & Look, be sure to send us an email at - or tag/share your work on one of our other platforms. For more inspiration and Accent Decor Spotting, follow us on Pinterest!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tour our Las Vegas Showroom

Did you miss the grand opening of our new Las Vegas showroom? 
Ribbon cutting ceremony at Accent Decor's Las Vegas showroom
We worked hard this year to put together a brand new space, designed by our creative director completely from scratch. With whitewashed brick walls, reclaimed barn wood, curved walls, and many more special touches, this is our most innovative showroom yet. If you did miss the opening, and want to take a special peek inside, today is your lucky day because you can take a look at all 360 degrees of our showroom space in Las Vegas right here

If you missed this year's shows, also be sure to take advantage of our website to shop the entire collection and all our new items online. You can also plan a visit to one of our showrooms, check out all the details and locations on our website. Please also note that even beyond each show season, our Norcross and Dallas showrooms are open Monday - Friday each week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Create a Romantic Tablescape with Amy Osaba

Here at Accent Decor, we have the opportunity to work with many talented floral designers, each of whom brings their own unique vision and style to the work they do and to the way they present our products. It is a treat for us to see these different visions come to life, and we find ourselves excited over every photoshoot and finished product as a result. 

We have worked with Amy Osaba several times, and not only is she an amazing designer, but a wonderful person and a joy to work with. Her uniquely loose romantic florals are a perfect fit, particularly for our delicate glass; and we love the romantic tablescape she put together for our shoot at Dekalb Memorial Park in Atlanta. 
Take a minute to watch this behind-the-scenes video of Amy creating this stunning tablescape, then be sure to follow the links below to find the products you can use to recreate this romantic look with our delicate glass!

Camelia Candleholders // Gabi Vase //  Boutique Vase  // Alexa Collection // April // Addi Vase 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Design Center: New Release!

With the release of our 2015 catalog right behind us, we have hundreds of new images to share! Luckily, our very own Design Center is in full swing, providing the perfect platform to share these images with you. 

If you haven't had a chance to stop by the Design Center yet, we sincerely hope that you take the time to do so. There are hundreds of images to browse and inspire, each easily sharable to your own social media sources. Working with a client and looking for inspiration? Planning your next event? Searching for what the hottest trends are coming down the line? Look no further!
The Design Center is browsable by designer, style, product, color, and more. As a resource for our customers and friends, we hope it will continue to grow and inspire. So take some time today to pour yourself a nice cup of tea and take your time immersing yourself in beautiful florals and all our newest products!
New designs have been added from the following location shoots, and we want to again extend a big thank-you to our amazing designers and their teams.
- Els Teunissen at Big Studio
Joyce Mason-Monheim in our studio
- Mandy Majerik in our studio
Amy Osaba at Dekalb Memorial Park
James Hurley in Frank and Margaret's Garden

*All location photography is by Becca Stanley.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Insta-Accent Decor

1 - ehfloral // 2 - Intrigue_Designs // 3 - Chestnutandvine // 4 - HollyChapple // 

With so many festivities and shows and goings on, Instagram has been buzzing with amazing ideas and inspiration from our customers. Take a look at some of the fun ways Accent Decor containers are being used in real life!

If you want your Instagram posts featured on Stop and Look, be sure to mention @accentdecorinc or tag us at #accentdecorinc as you upload your photos... We want to share what you are doing!!!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top 10 Best Sellers

After wrapping up another bustling show season, we always look forward to putting together a list of the items which interested and excited our customers the most. After spending much time curating and photographing and organizing and putting them on display, we love watching our products go out into the wide-world. And, of course, we also love seeing where they end up, so be sure to send along any pictures via email, or tag us at #accentdecorinc.

This season, the top 10 best sellers include a range of products: everything from life-size deer to tiny glass raindrops, plus a whole lot of beautiful stuff everywhere in between. In case you didn't make it to the shows this year, or even if you just missed something that made the list, be sure to check out this year's top 10 best sellers!
1// Chic Vase  2// Wildwood  3// Zinc Wall Planter 4// Plume Vase 5// Bengal Bowl  6// Monica Ceramics 7// Optic Stand  8// Deer 9// Glass Raindrops 10// Majesty Vase