Market Season Wrap-Up and a Big Thank You

Market Season Wrap-Up and a Big Thank You

Las Vegas design team pictured here

It has been a whirlwind of a market season for Accent Decor.
I can’t believe that it is almost over!
We are officially in the home stretch as Las Vegas kicks out it’s second to last day of the Winter 2015 show.

We would love to take some time to thank a few people who helped us tremendously to prepare for this market season.

You may notice, that at every market, Accent Decor remains dedicated to accenting our displays and product with beautiful fresh floral designs. As you can imagine, it is no easy task to keep fresh flowers tended to and thriving during the span of each show, but we remain dedicated to the inspiration and beauty that they provide to us and to our customers.

This season, we had the honor and the privilege of working with Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD and her talented team to make our floral dreams become a reality. Joyce and her team brought their magic to Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas, adding their unique floral finishing touches to every display and installation. We couldn’t have been more thrilled with their ability to take our vision, and run with it… Creating so many breathtaking moments throughout each showroom.

So today, we send huge hugs and big thank you’s out to Joyce and her team for an outstanding job well done, in bringing the beauty and story behind each showroom moment, to life.

Sherry Moon
Angie Phillips Head

Vicki McPherson Aifd
Gail Chronister



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