Behind the Scenes with L’Olivier

Behind the Scenes with L’Olivier

2 Weeks ago, our team had the pleasure of welcoming Olivier to Atlanta, GA as we came together to produce a photoshoot at the breathtaking Ventanas location downtown. It was such a sincere pleasure to get to know and work with Olivier, as his kind disposition, genuine humility, and outrageous talent made for an absolutely amazing couple of days. 
We shot a great number of products for our upcoming 2015 catalog during this shoot, which you will be able to breeze through in the comfort of your own home very soon! We are working day and night to bring all of the pieces together, to create a beautiful shopping experience for you on both the website and in the catalog. 
Please take a moment to enjoy and peruse the following images from our time with Olivier. You will be able to begin ordering all of these new products online, starting December 22… And catalog will be shipped out to you starting January 2015! We can’t wait to hear which items are your new favorites. 
If you want to be sure that you receive our 2015 catalog, free of charge, be sure that you are registered with Accent Decor today! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-385-5114 or reach out via email at



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