2015 Showroom Assembly

Around here we love to play. Our best work usually stems from time of discovery, laughter, and messy messy work (as you will see in the following stream of messy images).
For the past couple of weeks, our team has been in and out of the warehouse, traveling to parks, painting in driveways, melting wax in our living rooms… You know… The usual… All in a testing phase for the many ideas we came up with during our creative brainstorming week. This is the time when we put the petal to the metal and see what ideas will fly and what ideas will flop. We had plenty of both.
The following pictures depict a glimpse into the craziness of assembly week from the eyes of our beloved and extremely talented artist, Jessica Hiemstra. Enjoy a first-time look into some of the installations and magic that you will get to experience in our showrooms this coming January!



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