Creative Brainstorming Week – 2015 Here We C...

Creative Brainstorming Week – 2015 Here We Come!

Can you believe we are here again? Neither can we!
This past week, the Accent Decor creative team spent many hours compiling our creative thoughts, inspirations, predicted trends, images, sights, sounds, you name it! With the guidance of our Creative Director, Sarah Bagle, we have successfully laid the groundwork for our 2015 trend stories and showroom designs. 
We are beyond excited to share it all with you.
This next season is shaping up to be one full of color, texture, surprise, and delight; We are beyond enthused to get our hands dirty as we prepare our showrooms and catalog for 2015.
We often receive questions from our customers, asking how we manage to creatively evolve and produce each season with fresh eyes and invigorated minds. Through Accent Decor’s many years as a company founded on inspiring through design, we have found that there are a multitude of inputs that help ensure the most amazing outcome. Today, we are sharing a few of the tools that we use to inspire creative brainstorming success.
Before we all gather together, we make sure that we prepare a clean slate for all of the new ideas that we want to formulate. So wether it is a room, a desk area, or a computer desktop, we always make sure we have cleaned our slates of the seasons past, and start with a brand new slate. Create a space for you and/or your team to be able to think clearly, move freely, and brainstorm effectively.
Before your time of brainstorming, take time to prepare your thoughts and ideas. Come to the table with a well thought out plan of action for your creative time, and make sure that you have small and big goals in place for what success will look like along the way.
In order to formulate the best ideas, everyone involved needs to feel and know that they are an important part of the creative process. However works best for you and your team, create an environment that allows each and every person to relax, feel welcome, and able to completely engage and share without fear of “failure.” “Failure” can sometimes lead to the greatest successes.
Always have snacks. Always. They fuel the brain. This is a very important piece of the pie (as you will see below).
Some of the most exciting ideas generated from our team have come either directly from, or right after a time of laughing at a joke that is relatively off topic or discussing an idea that is in no way related to the task at hand. Allow yourself or your team to wander a bit, in order to spark imagination and allow breaks in brain processing. The final product depends on it.
I hope that these tips are helpful to you as you enter into a new season of design and inspiration. We would also love to hear YOUR thoughts on how you manage to stay inspired and generate refreshed creative ideas season after season. Feel free to leave comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook!



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