Accent Decor Talks Trends

Throughout 2014, from our product selection and showroom design, to our website and catalog, Accent Decor is often asked how we forecast and decide what is trending for the upcoming seasons. Today, our Creative Director, Sarah Bagle, shares in detail about the process that our creative team undergoes multiples times per year, to decide what trends we will be featuring in all aspects of our marketing and design, for the upcoming seasons. 

As Sarah mentions, there are so many elements at play as we decide what trends to highlight each season. Travel, trade shows, trends books, social media, blogs, and countless other sources. In our showrooms this year, we featured the following stories, to highlight the trends that we decided were best suited, to tell the Accent Decor product line story. 
This story is completely inspired by the mystery and magic of underwater.  It is not beachy or seashore driven, but completely submersed in the feeling of water. Beautiful glassware provides the movement and reflective elements, as well as urchin and sea-animal inspired shapes and textures. Anchored by cobalt blue hughes and accented by bright pops of corals and other sea animal shades, the cobalt lagoon is rich in depth, texture, and movement.
Inspired by a far away market, of no specific origin. This story is an exotic place where color and texture starkly contrast in order to present a daring style. Strong contrasting patterns, accented by sleek black and metal products. We featured many of our new hand made ceramics in this story to inspire a collected/modge podge aesthetic. We re-created our own market by filling tall glass and bowls with our own accessory sand, sitting atop a hand-woven mat, to really hit home the feeling of walking through the streets of a far-away street filled with vendors with beautiful treasures to discover.

This story was completely based on the juxtaposition of soft pastels mixed with a sense of geometry. The softness of the color mixed with the line of the products, created a refined simplicity. This story was largely based in a home setting, which was displayed through many hand-drawings on walls and shelving throughout the showroom. Romantic harmony was a great success with our customers because of its clean and inviting nature to browse through, and a strong feeling of comfort in the home.
This trend story was intentionally understated. It was founded in a strong base of natural elements (reclaimed wood stumps, bases, and birch), layered with the elegant strength of raw aluminum, and accented with the sparkle of mercury glass. The magic of this story comes alive with the playfulness of these elements working together. 
We hope that you enjoyed the 2014 stories, as much as we enjoyed bringing them to life for you. We are in the throws of planning and building our stories and showrooms for 2015, and are beyond excited to share them with you as they highlight the stars of our new collection, as they debut in just a few short months! 


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