Top 10 Best Sellers + Trends

1 // Woodland  (with 6 brand new sizes!) 2 // Array 3 // Turner 4 // Laville 5 // Indi 
6 // Mady 7 // Mythos 8 // Chelsea 9 // Ivy 10 // Agra
Accent Decor has once again wrapped up another exhilarating market season. One of the most anticipated post-show reports that we love to see is the top 10 products purchased during the shows. We spend so much time with our collections, organizing them, photographing them, merchandising them within each showroom, etc… So, it is such a pleasure to finally find out which items you found the most intriguing. Your orders also tell us so much about what trends we can get excited about seeing in your upcoming work.
This summer, we saw a few different trends that you are gravitating towards, and they were very much across the board.
The shiny luxury of mercury finishes is still very much in demand this season. With large orders of products such as the Array, Indi, and Ivy, we can see that trends across many industries and styles will include products of this style. With these new collections being 100% waterproof, you can rest assured that these items are not only highly desired, but also quality items that are more than able to stand the test of time. 
Gold statement pieces and accents are high on the priority list for a variety of our customers, especially in the event industries. From large focus items such as the Agra, to delicate accents such as the Mady, bold & elegant gold is being incorporated into many events this upcoming season, across many different styles. 
The vintage trend is still very much in full swing on a consumer level, but has eloquently evolved from what we have seen in seasons past. Rustic vintage has now transformed itself into elegant, ornate, and classic hints of former ages. From the gorgeous attention to detail in the tarnished metal finish of the Laville, to the elegant gold dipped hobnail votives of the Mady collection, vintage has escalated to an upper echelon this coming season. 
Did you not have a chance to make it to the shows this summer? Have you not taken the time to place your orders for this coming season? No problem! Our entire product line is available online 24/7 at You can browse our full collection here, or you can register today to start placing your orders! As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach us by phone at 1-800-385-5114 or email at


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