Spotted – Accent Decor in Action

Spotted – Accent Decor in Action

It has been a fantastically busy summer, hasn’t it?
We have had the pleasure of seeing so many of you in your element, from the summer markets, to AIFD Symposium, to this past week’s SAF annual convention in Marco Island… And the one thing we keep hearing is how busy you all are staying. 
What a great thing to hear!
Yet still, in the midst of all the commotion, excitement, and even day-to-day tasks, it is so important in our industry and lines of work that we stay inspired. 
One thing that inspires us at Accent Decor, again and again, is seeing our product used in so many beautiful ways, by you! 
Today, we are sharing a compilation of some of our favorites we have found peeking up around the internet. 
You can find even more Accent Decor products in action on our “Spotted” Pinterest Board, which we are constantly updating as we find your beautiful work floating around social media. 
Do you have recent designs that you would like to share with the world? Are you excited about a recent event that your team created and would love to show your work? We are ALWAYS excited to receive your submissions, and share them out to show others the countless beautiful possibilities that exist within our product line. 
email your submissions to us at 
Or, you can always tag us on the web…
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Pinterest | @AccentDecorInc
Twitter | @AccentDecor
Instagram | @AccentDecorInc

We look forward to seeing what you have! And who knows, maybe YOU could be featured within our next “Spotted” post!



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