Trending: All Kinds of Metal

1 – Laville // 2 – Medley  // 3 – Structure // 4 – Agra // 5 – Caesar // 6 – Canary // 7 – Agra // 8 – Bear // 9 – Mythos // 10 – Skyline // 11 – Sculpture // 12 – Titus 
Our 2014 Summer show seasons is 2/3 of the way complete… And we have truly been having the greatest time getting to share our newest Summer 2014 Collection with you all… Live and in person. We are starting to see trends and numbers coming back, showing us which items you are absolutely loving. Now, we still have the Las Vegas Summer Market to attend, so we can’t share our usual Top 10 Best Sellers with you just yet… But we can highlight one of the categories that we are seeing you gravitate towards… and that is metals. 
In our newest line, we debuted a plethora of beautiful new metal pieces, that are sure to inspire you and your customers, as well as stay on point with the coming trends. We are seeing a growing need for mixed textures, varying finishes, and tons of metal accents. So, search away through our newest collection to find your favorite metal pieces to strengthen your product line or events this coming season… And stay tuned for our Top 10 Items this show season, overall!



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