How to Best Use Pinterest with Accent Decor

How to Best Use Pinterest with Accent Decor

So many of you are finding new and exciting ways to use Pinterest to browse, share, and buy Accent Decor products. Our team here at AD is no stranger to the powerful tool that is Pinterest, within our industry. With the ability to gather, save, inspire, and collaborate being only a click away, it is becoming simpler than ever to easily shop, browse, and buy items that fit our exact needs, and meet all of our requirements.

Never used Pinterest before with our website? Here are a few reasons that it might make your day to day tasks much easier!

Have you ever browsed our website with a client, pointing out different items that may be of interest or suit his/her needs? Have you ever lost your page or gone back later only to realize you had forgotten which items you were browsing? It happens to all of us. Pinterest is a great way to save items in collections or “boards” so that you can easily return later, and refresh your memory.
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Pinterest is an amazing way to show your clients, colleagues, and customers, and of course Accent Decor your completed work! We often browse Pinterest looking for beautiful designs that include our product. If you aren’t there, then we won’t find you! It can also be a great way to archive your work so that a prospective client has easy access to see your past work, all gathered in one area.
When working on projects or events, using Pinterest in conjunction with the Accent Decor site can be very powerful. You can create a board specifically for your project, and give access to all parties involved to choose product, as well as other inspiring images to virtually collect in one space, so that you all stay on the same page and in unison as you create a magnificent occasion.
First, you will want to add the Pinterest button to your browser. This is the easiest way to be able to pin from any site you find beautiful images. Once you have installed it correctly, you will see a tiny icon added to your browser toolbar, as shown below.
Second, you will want to navigate to a product page on our website. Wether it be something you want to re-visit later, show a friend or client, add to an inspirational board, or add to your purchase list… Choose your product accordingly! Once on your page of choice, you will click that Pinterest icon.
Next you will see a pop up that displays all of the images available to Pin from your current web page. For most of our products, you will have the option to either choose a lifestyle photo (showing the product in use)…
Or a straight shot, showing the empty product against a white background…
Once you select the “Pin It” box, you will have the option to add your image to an existing board or create a new board. You will also be able to add a comment on the photo, so you can remember why you pinned it in the first place!
I hope this information is helpful to you, and will make your processes of research, sharing, and communication easier. See you out there in pin world! Don’t forget to follow Accent Decor on Pinterest and tag us in your comments @accentdecorinc so that we can see and discover all of the amazing designs and boards you are creating!


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