In many areas of the creative, bold lines and firm structure are making their way back into the hearts and desires of many clients and designers alike.
Following a period where free form and flow had taken center stage at the trend show, the beautiful juxtaposition of a delicate flower within a clean architectural design is a refreshing style to see re-surfacing in the main stream.
In our showrooms this season, you will see an homage to this sense of style within our harmony story. There are lots of clean lines, hints of texture and sheen, with pops of brilliant pastels.
Within our newly expanded product line, we have many containers and stands that compliment this style beautifully. We have listed a few below for you to browse and gain a feel for.
We also have a Pinterest Board to offer you some inspiration of how to incorporate some gorgeous lines and architecture into your designs.
How are you incorporating architecture and line into your designs lately? Would you like to share your work? As always, we would love to see how you are using Accent Decor products as inspiration for your beautiful designs. You can send all images to
We hope you are off to an inspiring Monday!


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