Mandy Majerik on Location

Last week, we had the pleasure of working with the wonderfully talented Mandy Majerik Aifd Pfci of Hothouse Design Studio
As we get closer and closer to revealing our new Summer 2014 Collection (to be released online May 22), our mission as always, is to incorporate a myriad of fresh and playful design inspirations with these new products, in hopes of sparking your creativity, as well as the creativity of your customers. We were so excited to be able to bring Mandy in as part of this task, as we know and love her work dearly.
As the 2012 Mayesh Design Star, owner of Birmingham’s renowned Hothouse Design Studio, and Floral Management’s recent cover girl, Mandy brings endless talent to the table, and we are honored and excited to be able to include her designs in our upcoming catalog to be released in June, and online this Thursday, May 22!
Here are a few shots that we snapped during our couple of days with Mandy at Atlanta Proper Studios.
Be sure to visit our website on Thursday, May 22 to see many of these final designs featured as our new Summer 2014 Collection is released online!



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