Inspiration: Summer Sea Story

The summer is upon us in full swing. 
If you are in the Atlanta area (like our Accent Decor team) then you are no stranger to the warm weather and pure sunshine that we enjoyed over the weekend. Your customers all around the country are experiencing this same summer invigoration, so be sure that you are stocked with the latest trends for this warm season, specifically everything aquatic.
We are seeing more demand for sea-inspired accents in every realm of design this season. From interior to event design, customers are enamored with the call of the sea. Deep turquoise and cobalt hues, shell and sea creature textures, drift-wood inspired naturals, crystal clear reflective glass, flowing lines and aqueous movement. It is all around us!
So become acquainted with the trend, and be sure to stock up for the season (see below)!
Also, we hope that you will be able to make it out to one of our Accent Decor showrooms this summer, as we will be displaying many of the items below in new and exciting ways, as well as a complete new line, debuting online May 22.
It is gearing up to be our hottest season yet. Thank you for your continued excitement and partnership with us. You make what we do.
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