Grand Reveal Today!

This is a very exciting day for our team at Accent Decor.
Today, we finally get to share the details of all of the fun we have been having, preparing our newest Summer 2014 Collection to be available online.
Throughout the year, our team travels the globe to find beautiful, cutting edge, quality pieces that we know our customers will love. It is always the most rewarding process to see from start to finish, as we get to channel all of the hard work and preparation, into joy and inspiration as you place orders and bring these product to life through your own creativity. 
So, today, we hope you enjoy browsing the new collection. Please join our Facebook conversation, and be sure to let us know what your favorites are! We are excited to see all of the lovely designs and concepts you create with this new line.
As always, we would love to receive any photos you may have of your inspiring designs, at
1. Agra // 2. Laville // 3. Array // 4. Jazz // 5. London // 6. Statue // 7. Sasha // 8. Aura // 9. Geo // 10. Leland // 11. Mady // 12. Loni
These products are just a small glimpse into the hundreds of pieces in our new line. Click here to browse the complete Summer 2014 Collection now!

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