Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Events: Afternoon Dessert Party

Whether you are catering for thousands, or throwing an intimate dinner party at home, serving in style is key to setting the perfect atmosphere while sharing a meal. 

As many of our wonderful customers can attest to, there are a plethora of Accent Decor products that work perfectly within a catering environment. 

Recently, Accent Decor was honored to sponsor a tasting party for soon-to-be released cookbook, Comfort Food for the Nearly Borken-hearted. The tasty treats that will make up this beautifully crafted project sat perfectly upon many of Accent Decor's favorite catering pieces, and we were so happy to see it all come together.

Have you used Accent Decor products at your recent catering events? We would love to see how you designed your buffet! Feel free to share your photos with us at



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