Cost Savings Available Now

The freight program at Accent Decor is put in place to help our wonderful customers save money. As your orders increase in size, your freight charge percentage decreases, and that is a great cost savings that we are happy to share with you!  The freight program is also one of the ways that we help alleviate the guessing game of how much shipping you will incur on your orders, which we know can be a hassle for you.
Here are the details: We have a schedule in place that you can follow, in order to know what kind of incentives are available to you, as you add products to your orders. Any time. Any products. It is always the same, for your ease of ordering.
Orders under $1k: Actual freight charge applies 
Orders between $1k and $2k: Freight charge is 10% of invoice total. 
Orders between $2k and $4k: Freight charge is 5% of invoice total 
Orders over $4k: Freight charge is waived completely 
*Actual freight is based on dimension, weight, and distance


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