What’s New: It’s Here!

We are so excited to have the print and online copies of our brand new 2014 catalog finally in circulation! The suspense has been too much to keep to ourselves! If you do not receive your copy by the end of this week, please contact our Customer Service department (custserv [at] accentdecor [dot] come) to get your copy shipped right away.
It is such joy to see the culmination of hard work (on so many fronts) come together, and able to be enjoyed by all of our friends and customers. The 2014 catalog is new and exciting to us, and we hope that it is the same for you! All 320 pages. Phew!
Though these products are beautiful enough to speak for themselves, we also know that it is fun to get creative, get inspired, and demonstrate exciting ways to use pieces both new and old. Over the past year or so, we executed many new location shoots (photography by Rebecca Stanley) around the Atlanta area, to accomplish this goal. We worked with some amazing people, gorgeous locations, and fun props to really allow our collections to shine. We hope you enjoy these fun additions!
As mentioned above, we’re so grateful for the amazing people that we were able to work with, who assisted in making these new photoshoots come to life. The final product just wouldn’t have been the same, without the talent and generosity of the following people:
Rebecca Stanley | Photographer
Chris Lawery | Photographer
Rob Pattell | Designer
Els Teunissen | Designer
Amy Osaba | Designer
James Hurley | Designer
Ginny Branch | Stylist
Faith Flowers | Location + Designer 
The Goat Farm | Location
King Plow | Location
Bold American | Events


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