Product Spotlight

We know that Valentine’s Day can be such an extremely busy time for so many of our customers. So,
In preparation for the the rush this year, why not check out some of these beautiful, quality, and affordable products that would be perfect for those 1 and 2 dozen rose bouquets that your customers are sure to request? These gorgeous vessels are sure to be gifts that keep on giving, even after Valentine’s Day has come and gone.
Ruby Vase | This lovely high-end vase is a beautiful piece of art, sure to be used over and over by the receiver of this thoughtful gift. It perfectly holds 1 or 2 dozen roses, and is sure to be a favorite for customers, with it’s rich red hue, and thick hand-blown glass. It’s scissor cut top adds to it’s handmade appeal. After Valentine’s Day has passed, this piece can be beautifully put to use as a candleholder as well as a vase for fresh flowers.
Opal Vase | The opal vase is an elegant vase that perfectly holds 2 dozen roses with ease. It is an elevated look, complete with thick-glass. It is set apart from many typical bouquet vessels with it’s white white swirl inlays, and is sure to catch your customers’ eye for not just Valentines Day, but many special occasions. This gorgeous piece will be used over and over, long after Valentine’s Day has passed.
Arden Vase | The Arden Vase is a lovely vase with a gorgeous modern shape. This classy and universal look is a perfect vessel for traditional Valentine’s Day arrangements, as well as any special style arrangements requested by your customers.
Numi Vase | This outstanding vase is another perfect vessel for Valentine’s Day with it’s beautiful rich red hughes. This Kiers glass piece is perfect down to the last detail. After it holds 1 – 2 dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, it can also be beautifully displayed as a candleholder. The Numi vase is truly a gift that keeps on giving. 
We hope that this list gives you a great idea of some of the many high-quality products that we have available for you to stay inspired this Valentine’s Day season, and offer your customers not just a breathtaking arrangement for this special occasion, but also a substantial vessel that can be displayed in their home or office even after the holiday has passed.



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