Inspiration: Mia Compote

The holidays are nearing, and you are probably working your fingers to the bone as you help your customers through this busy busy season!

I think that means it is time for some beautiful inspiration to keep us going, don’t you?

We absolutely love to hear from our happy customers, especially when they are proud of the way they are able to use Accent Decor products to create beautiful spaces and events.
Recently, we saw these gorgeous photos featured on Julep, the gorgeous blog associated with, and we just can’t help but share them with you.
We are so delighted to see the Mia Compote used in such a playful and elegant way.


Photos captured by Morgan Blake of Three Pennies. Event Design by Kelli Hall. Event held at the Loft on Roswell Square.

After looking at this lovely and perfectly styled wedding, I hope you now feel refreshed and ready to conquer this week.

Let me also remind you that from now until the end of the year, you will receive same day shipping at NO EXTRA COST, if you place your order by 2pm ET.

Happy Monday!



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