Product Spotlight: O Candleholders

Product Spotlight: O Candleholders

At Accent Decor, we love to inspire designers to get creative when using our products. There are so many opportunities to find beauty in an item or collection, where we may not have seen it before. Not only does it stretch us creatively to take our designs to the limit, but it also helps you add value to your favorite Accent Decor products.
Today, we are focusing on the O Candleholders, which traditionally provide a beautiful and creative way to add brilliance and light to any design. They do that beautifully, as they can hang or sit in many formations (small or large) adding a light and airy elegance. However, these O Candleholders can also do so much more!
In this shoot, we decided to use the O Candleholders as mini terrariums, perfect for any design that needs a touch of earth, nature, or an eco-chic element. This idea also worked quite lovely with the Bias Bowls and Crosswind Bowls (as shown in this post) as well, however, in using the O Candleholders, it elevates the design in a completely different way, with the light and airy touch of suspension.
We absolutely love how these O Candleholders work with each other as mini terrariums, and encourage you to try it yourself! 
Have you found yourself inspired to get creative with Accent Decor products? Have you used any items in a surprising and interesting way? We would love to hear about it! 
As always, you can send your photos, ideas, questions, and/or comments to maddie [at] accent decor [dot] com. 
Happy Creating!



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