Savage Botanicals

Craftsmanship and true artistry. Both are characteristics of this mind blowing floral botanical couture fashion exhibit, inspired by the late Alexander McQueen.
Some of our team had the pleasure of seeing this exhibit live at SAF in Arizona this year, and were blown away by the detail and beauty embodied in each piece.

This program is the dreamchild of Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, CFD, PFCI. Each dress was designed by a talented floral designer from the Arizona area: Melanie Burnett AIFD, Diane Gonzalez AIFD, Katherine Gonzalez AIFD, Cathy Grim AIFD, Ikuko Hashimoto AIFD, Sharon Petelle Kantor AIFD, Patti Klawans AIFD, Claire Ortloff AIFD, and Ann Peckham AIFD. These photographs are all courtesy of Flowers& Magazine.

We couldn’t help but share this gorgeous exhibit with you, as they are so inspiring to us. The time, effort, precision, and care that went into making each of these ornate pieces is obvious, and shines through flawlessly.

I hope that you are as inspired by the beauty, craftsmanship, and whimsy embodied in each of these pieces, just as much as we are.



  1. Melanie Ann Burnett

    8 October

    I am a bit bias being the designer of the leaf/branch dress pictured above, Joyce Monheim's & Gail Chronister's idea to form our 'Savage Botanical' team has been an incredibly artistic experience!!!! Love each & every dress & the designer behind them 🙂

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