Customer Inspiration: DIGS Funky Product Display

Customer Inspiration: DIGS Funky Product Display

Featuring: Remix | Monaco | Painter

At Accent Decor, we believe that our products are inspiring. Our hope is that our customers can take our products, and use them to enhance your own ideas, your own creativity, your own big visions. For this reason, we love when we see our retailers displaying our products in fun new and exciting ways, within their stores.

Recently, one of our team members was out in Portland, OR when they had a chance to pop in to DIGS Inside & Out on NE Alberta Street, and was so excited to see Accent Decor products coming to life within the fun displays at the shop.

I am including a few shots below of some of the areas that are beautifully displaying Accent Decor. Don’t you want to be browsing through this shop right now with the ability to handle all of the products? I love how their displays are full of texture, full of color, and make you want to reach out and touch the product! Great job, DIGS. Well done.

Featuring: Berkley |  Kindred | Newport Stool | Parsons

Featuring: Alvinia | Renoir | O Flat

Featuring: RioParsons
If you are in the Portland area and want to find out more about DIGS, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more! 


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