Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Behind the Scenes: The Green Glass Wall

The time has finally come, all you do-it-yourself-ers. We cannot express to you how honored we were to receive all of your wonderful feedback in regards to the green glass wall display (designed by Jessica Hiemstra) that we featured in our showrooms this July show season. So many of you not only loved it, but wanted to recreate it (or something similar) for your own displays!

 One of our goals and missions here at Accent Decor, is to freely give and share ideas with our customers. We love to offer inspiration, and even step-by-step tutorials on how to use our products in new and exciting ways. In the same light, we also love to hear from you and be inspired in return, by your creativity.

So, without further ado, today we will be sharing with you the recipe for building the green glass wall, so that you may feel empowered to do-it-yourself.

> 2x10 Dimensional Lumber
(For the exact size that we built, you will need 1 – 33” long piece 2- 36” long pieces and 2 – 57” long pieces)
> 3” and 6” Corner Braces (We used 4 of the 3” and 8 of the 6”)
> 5/16 x 2” Hex Bolts (We used 16)
> 5/16 Hex Nuts (We used 16)
> 1/4”  Washers (We used 16)
> 3” Wood Screws (We used 12 +/-)

Optional (For Securing the wall using overhead support)
> 1/8”  Wire Rope (Also sometimes called Aircraft Cable)
> 1/8” Malleable Wire Rope Clips (For securing the wire rope)
> 5/16 x 3 ¼ “ Eye Bolts (We used 2)
> 5/16 Hex Nuts (2 Additional to the above mentioned)
> 1/4”  Washers (4 Additional to the above mentioned)

> Wire

Now go forth and conquer... And be sure to send over your photos if you do decide to have a go at the green glass wall!


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  1. Are the vases glued together, and if so with what?

    1. Great question! We did glue the vases together once we put them into place. We used u-glu dots, which you can find at many craft or floral shops (including Hobby Lobby).

  2. Thanks I loved it . I'm going to make one and display my antique bottles in it!!!! Judy

    1. OOooooo I love that idea, Judy. Great inspiration!! Thanks so much for sharing.