Get to Know the Team: Maddie

Name: Maddie Richardson
Role at Accent Decor: Marketing and Branding Coordinator

Today is an exciting day! I, Maddie Richardson, have the great honor of joining Rebecca, and the rest of Accent Decor team in bringing you quality updates, design trends, tutorials, inspiration, industry shout outs, and any/all information through our blog and many other social media networks.

So, let me introduce myself to you, since you will be hearing a lot from me in the future.

In a nutshell: I am a design enthusiast, in many forms and fashions, from Atlanta, GA. I have a passion for all things beautiful, so in my spare time you can find me designing things with my computer, writing and singing music, cooking delicious meals, taking photographs, hosting get togethers, and plenty of other beautiful things. I like to keep busy and always be in the process of creating something beautiful. Whatever that may look like.

What inspires me: I absolutely love to be outside. I find a lot of inspiration walking around at farmer’s markets, hiking with my husband and my dog, sitting around campfires, or exploring the city. I think it’s refreshing to draw inspiration from interactions with the world, rather than just browsing through the internet. However, I am no stranger to countless hours of meandering on Pinterest as part of my creative process. To prove that to you, I have put together a few photos of what has been inspiring me lately, a la Pinterest.

Favorite design trends right now: I am currently in love with metallics. I am incorporating them a lot in my designs. I think that a metallic accent can really enhance a design and take it to the next level. I especially love metallics when used in interesting and unexpected ways, like when paired with wood or stone. For example, a few pieces from the Mercury clad Carraway Collection added to a rustic tablescape would be absolutely up my alley.

Favorite Accent Decor product currently: I am truly in love with these bold and beautiful antelope heads. I think they make such a statement.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me today. I can’t wait to keep you informed of all the exciting events and beautiful product collections here at Accent Decor, as well as keep you updated on our industry trends and happenings.

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