AD Gives Back

Here at Accent Decor, we count it very important to be a part of the community that we live in.
Not just a member, but an active part. One of the many organizations that we partner with, is based right here in Atlanta, and goes by the name of the South Atlanta Marketplace. The marketplace is located in an under-resourced area of our city, and exists to provide not only work force experience for the residents, but also a place to buy and sell goods at reasonable prices.

Accent Decor loves both design accessories and helping the community, so donating product to this organization has been a great fit and a sheer pleasure for our team.

Today, we wanted to give you a look into a day in the life at the South Atlanta Marketplace.

The team of wonderful people that invests in this organization is strong, energetic, and mindful of investing in the future of their community. They are a joy to partner with, and we are honored to be a part of the great work that they are doing. 
If you are interested in getting involved like Accent Decor, you can visit the South Atlanta Market website and see how!


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