Els Photoshoot: a sneak peek

Els Photoshoot: a sneak peek

I feel like I’m constantly offering you guys “sneak peeks” at our showrooms and photoshoots, and I keep trying (unsuccessfully) to think of different ways to say it. So I apologize if this title and wording is not very creative . . . . That said, I keep sharing because I know that you all love to see the work our wonderful designers do with our newest products, and you probably dont want to wait all the way until our next show or catalog to do so. Not to mention how fun it is to be able to sneak a look at all the products we will be unveiling in this summer’s shows and on our website soon. I’ll keep you posted as to when you can start shopping this new collection on our website etc. Also, dont forget to visit the showroom page on our website for all the upcoming show dates where you can see everything in person.

All of these shots are of new products, florals and designs by the lovely and talented Els Teunissen. 

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