Catersource 2013

The marketing team is currently in Las Vegas for Catersource 2013. Today is the last day, but you can follow along (or catch up) with all the festivities on the Catersource stream “At The Show.

We were able to attend the Harmony at the Hard Rock event, where they served up bacon jam in Hobnail Jars . . . what could be better? 

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, we are glad for the chance to connect with some of you in person!
Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, the founder and owner of Accent Decor (Frank Hofland) was honored at a banquet celebrating the three inner-city basketball teams that Accent Decor had the privilege of sponsoring this year. The players signed a t-shirt and presented it to Frank with the assurance that it would be worth something some day when they become professional basketball players!
The sponsored teams were made up of thirty boys from downtown Atlanta, ranging in age from ten to eighteen years old. Coached by men from the neighborhood and surrounding community, and organized through the Blueprint 58 mentoring program, these basketball teams represent an effort to provide positive role models and healthy environments for teenagers in at-risk environments. More pictures coming soon.


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