Get to know the team: Monique Winn

Get to know the team: Monique Winn

 Last month, we introduced you to our Product Manager (Sarah Bagle), and this month we are excited for you to meet Monique Winn, who works in customer service for our team. We hope you enjoy meeting her and working with her as much as we do!
Name  Monique Winn
Role at Accent Decor: Well, my professional title is Customer Service Professional, but I am a self-proclaimed problem solver because it is my responsibility ( as well as my pleasure) to make life or business just a little easier for our customers. It is my job to show our customer how much Accent Décor cares for them by fostering a unique relationship with each customer,  anticipating their needs and solving those common last minute problems that always seems to spring up in this industry. Our customers are unique, special, and very valued here. I have to ensure that they are aware of just how valued they are by taking good care of them.
On the technical side, I am the first thing that our customers are introduced to when they call or come to the office, I take their orders, recommend products, resolve claim request and assist them in any way possible.
How long have you been a part of the Accent Décor team?
I have been a part of the Accent Décor family for 8 months now
Where do you look for inspiration?
In personal opinion,  I don’t think inspiration is something that you necessarily seek, but more of something that discovers you when you least expect it.  I have been inspired from one extreme to another like, playing with my 4 year old niece to touring breathtaking cathedrals in Spain.  I will say however, that Pintrest has been my newest obsession.  It’s a one stop shop to find ideas on just about anything. IN LOVE!
What is your favorite pin from this week?

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the flowers and the greenery, and it’s ecofriendly!

Where is your dream vacation destination?
Visiting Bora Bora would be a dream come true!
What is your current favorite Accent Décor product?
This was a hard one for me. Picking one favorite Accent Décor product is like saying you can eat one potato chip, not going to happen. So, I chose two instead:
The first is the Myriad Collection. I like how it’s so simplistic yet it is a mood setting piece. Place it in the center of a table, light the candles and it does all the work itself.
 The Sicily bowl is another favorite. I am in love with the finishing as well as the architecture of the pedestal. It is so romantic.
Do you have any hidden talents?
I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “talent” of mine (because I am not that good), but in my early college years I took up belly dancing. It is an absolutely amazing dance and a great workout too!

What do you love most about what you do?

I love that my job satisfies two important interests of mine. Helping others and being creative. Our customers are very fun and energetic people. I love to be able to assist them in a crisis or being able to recommend and brainstorm with them when they are looking for the perfect piece for their events. Although, my job doesn’t tie directly into the creative displays that Accent Décor is known for, Accent Décor does a wonderful job of including the whole team and really values everyone’s opinions, from product choices to setup of our spectacular showrooms. I am blessed to be a part of  a company where I feel my ideas and inputs are so valued.
What is your favorite design trend right now?

Vintage is my favorite. I love how things are being revived from past generations.


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