Get creative with Accent Decor

Get creative with Accent Decor

The creative process is such a mysterious and beautiful thing. One of the things we are really passionate about here at Accent Decor is a commitment to innovation. Whether that innovation comes in design, in process, in relationship as consumers and producers . . . a dedication to learning and growing is a hallmark of our team.

You have already seen some behind-the-scenes looks at our photo shoots and seen our amazingly-talented floral designers in action. But we want to take that process one step farther by giving you (our fabulous online community) a look at the creative process we go through as team. So we are starting some new features and behind-the-scenes looks right here on the blog so you can get a better idea of who comprises our creative team and what they do to create/innovate.

Today, here’s a look at something REALLY exciting and beautiful we are working on for our new catalog and for the Atlanta showroom. You guys seriously have to make plans to come visit and see the finished products . . . I could not be more excited about how beautiful and unique they are. What an honor it is for Accent Decor to have the opportunity to support and champion art and life and beauty.

Big thanks to Jessica Hiesmtra and John Hosek for lending us their immense talents as artists. Enjoy this look at the process . . . And check our facebook page today for more pictures of our photoshoot and special art projects!


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