Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays from Accent Decor

From our whole team, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!
We are open today, and our website is open every day and night, so get your after-Christmas shopping done now!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get to know the team: Sarah Bagle

I mentioned this new series in my last post, but I'm excited to introduce a new bi-weekly feature on our blog. Every other week, we will interview a member of the Accent Decor team, giving you some fun insight into who we are and where we are coming from. We are firm believers that everyone can be creative and that everyone has lots to contribute to the process at Accent Decor, so you will be hearing from people in a wide range of positions in our company.

We are kicking things off with an interview with the lovely Sarah Bagle, who also happens to be my sister. She is the product manager here at Accent Decor, and her impeccable taste and sense for both business and design make her an invaluable member of our team. We are also proud to announce that she will be a panelist for the Flower Trend Summit in Dallas this January. Be sure to visit their website to learn more, and to sign up to attend.
Name – Sarah Bagle

Role at Accent Decor: My official title is "Product Manager," which means I design, select, and create products. I have to stay up with trends in fashion, home décor, and floral industries and decide how they might affect Accent Décor. I get to brainstorm with the creative team on photo shoots, showrooms, cover shots, and just about everything else. I am also responsible for inventory control. Yikes!

How long have you been a part of the Accent Décor team? I like to say that I am the world’s longest-running intern. The owners of Accent Décor, Frank and Margaret Hofland, are my parents, so I have been cleaning glass in the showroom for as long as I can remember. I have been working in the office and traveling full time for 3.5 years now.

Where do you look for inspiration? There are a lot of places that I pull inspiration from: beautiful photographs, high-end furniture stores, my travels, books. . .  More recently, Pinterest has been a huge inspiration for me. There are just so many ideas, products and amazing photos just waiting for you to sift through.

What are your 3 favorite pins from this week?
This photo makes me want to go be creative.
I pinned this photo from the Accent Décor blog because I am in love with this design by Hitomi

Where is your dream vacation destination?
Greece…it looks so picturesque.

What is your current favorite Accent Décor product?
I’m really excited about the Emerald Vase, which we are adding to our collection in January. It's just lovely: somehow vintage and modern at the same time.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I am actually pretty stellar at jumping rope. In elementary school, as a matter of fact, I was on the Jump Rope for Heart demonstration team that traveled to different schools to perform.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love that my job is different every single day. I also feel inspired to work hard and do my job well when I think back to everything my grandparents and parents had to do to get Accent Decor to where it is today. I love that I work at a family-owned and centered business where we get to give back to our employees, our customers, and our community, on a daily basis.

What is your favorite design trend right now?
I love vintage inspired products. I’m a very nostalgic person, so I think it’s awesome to take something with history and give it a new twist.

If you want more trend insight from Sarah, be sure to join her at the 2013 Flower Trend Summit in Dallas January 21st.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get creative with Accent Decor

The creative process is such a mysterious and beautiful thing. One of the things we are really passionate about here at Accent Decor is a commitment to innovation. Whether that innovation comes in design, in process, in relationship as consumers and producers . . . a dedication to learning and growing is a hallmark of our team.

You have already seen some behind-the-scenes looks at our photo shoots and seen our amazingly-talented floral designers in action. But we want to take that process one step farther by giving you (our fabulous online community) a look at the creative process we go through as team. So we are starting some new features and behind-the-scenes looks right here on the blog so you can get a better idea of who comprises our creative team and what they do to create/innovate.

Today, here's a look at something REALLY exciting and beautiful we are working on for our new catalog and for the Atlanta showroom. You guys seriously have to make plans to come visit and see the finished products . . . I could not be more excited about how beautiful and unique they are. What an honor it is for Accent Decor to have the opportunity to support and champion art and life and beauty.

Big thanks to Jessica Hiesmtra and John Hosek for lending us their immense talents as artists. Enjoy this look at the process . . . And check our facebook page today for more pictures of our photoshoot and special art projects!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Inspiration

We have John Hosek in our studio over the next week to help us create some brilliant designs with our newest products . . . You can see John's previous work with us all in one place in the Design Center. We'll be sharing behind-the-scenes peeks etc with you over the next week, so be sure to keep checking in. Until then, here are a few lovely designs from our customers and from around the interwebs (via Pinterest) today, to make your Friday that much more beautiful! 

from Millinocket Floral Shop
From Flowers n' Ferns
from Millinocket Floral Shop

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Busy Holiday Season

We have a lot going on here at Accent Decor, and it looks like the next month or two are going to be busy. I'm sure I could say the same thing for most of your lives too. . . Be sure to take some time to slow down and enjoy the season!

One way we are trying to be sure and fully appreciate the season is by giving back to those who have less. We recognize our abundance, and are excited for the opportunity to share that abundance with the Atlanta community. Learn more about what we are doing, and how you can help, by visiting Blueprint 58, Pride for Parents Atlanta, or reading this blog post. Even if you are not located in Atlanta, you can still shop online and purchase items for the Pride for Parents store directly from their amazon store front. This is a wonderful way to give back this holiday season while offering dignity and a sense of pride to families in need.

Today, we have also added a plethora of items to our discontinued list. Shop all our categories of discontinued items today to find savings on newly added items -- available only while quantities last!

Don't forget to take advantage of same-day shipping for the holidays. Remember, you must specifically request same-day shipping by mentioning it to your customer service rep via phone order, or by leaving a comment on your order from the website. Offer applies to in-stock items only, and orders must be placed before 2pm EST.
Finally, we want to invite you to join us for our shows this winter! We have showrooms in Atlanta, Norcross, Vegas, and Dallas. For more details, including dates and space #s etc, please visit the Showroom page of our website.