Introducing the Brand New Design Center

Introducing the Brand New Design Center

I have been hinting to y’all about something big and new and fabulous that was coming to our website. Well, today is the day . . . It’s here! Our team has been working tirelessly to put together the Design Center for you. The Design Center is a fresh compilation of all of our designers’ work with all of our products, searchable by product, designer, color, style . . . An endless and share-able source of inspiration, we hope the Design Center will be a destination you return to again and again.

If you like a design, you can find more work from the same designer, find more designs using those products, or search for similar colors and style. And if you do find a design you love, be sure to “pin” it or share it on Facebook, Twitter, and google+ so you can find it easily later and share it with your friends!

Next week, we’re having a photoshoot with designer Els Teunissen and we will be adding pictures from this and all our photoshoots onto the Design Center, keeping it fresh and exciting each time you visit.
Speaking of photoshoots, here’s a quick sneak peek behind the scenes of one we did today with a different feel . . . Stay tuned for our flyer coming soon to see more!



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