AIFD Recap, pictures, and more . . .

AIFD Recap, pictures, and more . . .

We are finally back from the Atlanta show and AIFD, and we are gearing up for the Vegas show soon. AIFD was amazing! Thank you to the designers for using our products in so many fantastic, imaginative, and creative ways!

Accent Decor was honored to be able to sponsor “Some Like It Hot,” featuring David Denyer and David Ragg from across the pond.

The “Texture of Tango” with Miguel Figueroa and Mario Antonelli featured exciting dancers, sultry music, fantastic designs with incredible detail. Be sure to attend Southern AIFD in Puerto Rico next April!

Les Saisons des fleur de Mariage” Featuring Ian Prosser AIFD with commentary by Grace Ormonde
100 bouquets, 8 models, designer gowns, and 4 palatial displays.

This is only a small part of all the amazing designs and features . You can view the entire program here. You can also see even more pictures from our time at AIFD on our facebook page.

Next year the symposium is in Vegas, and Accent Decor looks forward to seeing you there!


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