An Accent Decor Update – T2 Videos

An Accent Decor Update – T2 Videos

Hopefully you have noticed that we have been working hard to update our website, making it easier to use from your phone or ipad, or other tablet. We’re working on keeping things fresh for you, and even some REALLY exciting design center/gallery changes in the works. I hope you’re as excited about that as I am! 
One of the things we have recently updated/added to our website is the embedding of our Tips and Tricks video alongside the products they feature. This is a great way for you to have inspiration and creative ideas right at your fingertips. 
One example is the fibersticks, but be sure to explore our website and click on products to find more T2 videos right below popular accessories and other products. Happy exploring!

We are also glad to unveil a new T2 this week with Hitomi’s Dreamy Party Design, where she zips together a magnificent arrangement in a matter of minutes using the new white Clarinet with Cone Glass, Midollino, Pearls, and a few Dendrobiums. 


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