Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten Top Sellers from the Shows

A big thank-you to everyone who visited us at our showrooms this past month. It was so great to see all of you, and to meet so many new friends and customers. All of our shows were very successful, and we were excited to see how much you all loved our new products. 

At the end of our shows for the season, we like to put together a list of our top sellers from all our shows combined. I always look forward to seeing what you loved at our shows this year! Some of these items are new, others are old favorites . . . but they are all hot sellers, and you want to be sure to check them out, in case you missed our shows or somehow overlooked these items.

1.       Knoll Terrarium

2.       O/1 and O/2

3.       Norah

4.       Newport Bowl
5.       Hobnail Jar

6.       Timber
7.       Lucia Pot
8.       Reclaimed Wood Stumps
9.       Birch with Zinc/ Birch strips
10.   Ella Stand

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  1. Incredible product line to show us! In love with each and every one. Plant sales need to be a key factor with today's floral retailers, and with wonderful containers, it makes our job such a pleasure!