New T2: Water Pearls Part 2 with Kevin

New T2: Water Pearls Part 2 with Kevin

It’s time for another brand new Tips and Tricks video. This week we’re excited to unveil the second part of our series on Water Pearls featuring Kevin Ylsivaker. We hope you love it as much as you loved the first one! The Water Pearls continue to be one of our most popular accessories, and we get so many questions about how to use them, what they are, how they work . . . don’t forget to check out all our Tips and Tricks videos to answer those questions. Also, we’re working on putting together a FAQ page for our website . . . stay tuned!

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Don’t forget to take advantage of our December savings. They won’t be here much longer . . . can you believe how fast December is flying by? It’s nearly Christmas!


  1. Really beautiful. I have never seen this type of decoration with fresh water pearls.

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