T2: Ornamental Mechanics: Not Just for Christmas

T2: Ornamental Mechanics: Not Just for Christmas

Brooke Raulerson, AIFD is back this week with a brand-new T2 where she shows us that ornaments aren’t just for Christmas or to simply hang on your tree, but can be used year-round to add that extra pop to your designs (can’t see the video? Visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel).

It’s the perfect time to stock up and save, so be sure not to miss out on the ornaments and other great items on sale now until November 30. 
In case you’re coming to town next week for the Atlanta Fall Immediate Delivery Show, we unfortunately won’t be there but we would love to have you come visit us at our showroom. We are a short drive away in Norcross and you can shop our showroom and find great deals in the cash and carry section Monday-Friday 9-4pm.


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