Tuesday, September 13, 2011

T2: Unique Ornament Design

Unique Ornament Design: Wire Spheres Go a Long Way 
 You know how they say sometimes big things come in small packages? This week’s newest T2 is all about turning a simple concept using a small wire sphere into a beautifully unique design that is perfect for catering to all sorts of events! Brooke Raulerson, AIFD demonstrates how the wire spheres can be transformed into a tailored one-of-a-kind centerpiece or pew hanger that is far from your typical wedding design, because who wants the same old thing? With lots of color and size options, the wire spheres are perfect because they are already made and can be manipulated any way you want.
 Plan on using flowers? Why not use an ornament as a budvase, accent it with any of the tons of accessory options offered by Accent D├ęcor and you’ve got yourself an extraordinarily innovative piece that is sure to be a hit!

For more tips and tricks be sure to check out our YouTube page, or shop with us 24/7 at www.accentdecor.com to get started on your designing genius.

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