Meet the Hues

Frank and Margaret had the pleasure of joining SAF’s 127th annual convention in Palm Springs, CA.

Together with Kim Morrill AIFD and Gretchen Sell from Design Master, Frank and Margaret Hofland from Accent Décor had a panel discussion on color and floral trends for 2012.
We developed 3 color stories and had a lively discussion about trends, fads, colors, abd how to use them in your shop.
Find out the colors and looks and check out the pdf ‘Meet the Hues of Your Future”

Meet the Hues of Your Future:

Neons, naturals, neutrals, metallics… what color shades are about to become popular in fashion and home décor and which will fade from view? Can you predict them down the road? Find out as a team of design pros takes a peek into the crystal ball to see tomorrow’s trendy hues. You’ll leave knowing:
▪ Colors to keep on your radar for next year and beyond and when they’re likely to percolate down to local customer preferences
▪ How to translate color trends into floral design and décor for the holidays, weddings and special events
▪ Cultural differences in color preference

John Hosek AIFD won the Sylvia Cup competition. 
We look forward to using his
“….exceptional artistic flair, and clean design…” at our next catalog and T2 shoot! Be sure to watch for his tips and tricks coming soon!

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