Top Sellers from the shows

Top Sellers from the shows

The summer market season has come to a close. From Atlanta to Dallas and Vegas, it was great to see familiar faces and meet new customers. It was exciting to show our new line and get such positive feedback. We’re already looking forward to 2012.

We’ve combined the results of each location and came up with the top 10 for this season.

1. Jewelry Garland, the new Pendant and Bling

2. ADlight
3. Birch Pots 

4. Newport Collection grey

5. Vera Vase

6. Diamond wrap – Now available in red, gold, light pink, and hot pink as well as silver

7. Perennial Vase – Sure to be a perennial favorite!
 8. Ellipses Vase

9. Rhapsody

10. Floating Silver Spheres

If you missed any of these at our shows this year, be sure to check them out online.


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