New Specials and More

New Specials and More

I think after Memorial Day, it’s safe to officially say it’s “summer” right? I know that it technically doesn’t begin until June 21st, but I’d say that the scorching heat, sunshine, and school being out means summer is here!

We are celebrating with a new sale here at Accent Decor. Remember to always visit our “Specials” section to see what savings you can take advantage of . . . This week, save on the Galaxy paper, and the Essie stand and vase.

 Summer also means that showtime is just around the corner. We would love to have you join us at one (or all!) of our shows this summer. Start making your travel plans now – we will be in Atlanta, Vegas, and Dallas at our permanent showrooms, and we will keep you posted on a few other places and shows you can find us at too. And trust me, you are just going to LOVE all our new products this season – you don’t want to miss visiting a show to see them in person!


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