Where to be inspired . . .

Where to be inspired . . .

The world wide web is a fantastic place to browse for inspiration. I can get lost for hours finding ideas for events, for photography, for recipes, for my home . . . I thought I’d share a few quick links of some GREAT places you can visit and get inspired too. Because we all need a kick-start to get those creative juices flowing sometimes, right?

Have you heard of Pinterest? I love it. In my opinion, it’s the best and easiest way to keep track and save ALL your “inspiration” that you stumble onto while web browsing. Not to mention that it’s another really easy way to find beautiful stuff to inspire you for hours and hours. Here’s a few of my event decor related ‘pins’ from the last few days.

Another great source of inspiration I stumbled upon is You won’t want to miss their online photo gallery which is just full of amazing creative work. And be sure to check out their YouTube video, they’ve made some really cool stuff!


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