Friday, October 8, 2010

The Wedding - Part 1

I may have mentioned that I have a lot of pictures from my sister's wedding. And I do mean A LOT. This first batch I'm sharing with you are my personal pictures of some of the wedding decor and details. There were also 2 sets of professional photographers there, so I can promise you many more (much better) pictures soon. But for  now, here's a little glimpse into the day. Since it was my camera, my daughter as well as some of the kiddos we mentor might have found their way into several of the pictures. I think it only makes them cuter, but I'm slightly biased I suppose.

Beautiful, right? I cant wait to share the "real" pictures soon!
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  1. Oh my word Becca! The details are so lovely. I can't even stand it. I want to move to Georgia and live right next to you and Sabo. Seriously. I will ask Gary tonight. I am just guessing he will say no though... Darn it!

  2. Love this! Is this at the Foundry?

  3. Thanks Eliana :-) and yes, it's at the Foundry!