Top 10 from our Shows

We’re excited to unveil the list of our top 10 (or 11 – I couldn’t narrow it down!) best sellers from our shows in Atlanta, Dallas and Vegas. This list is the result of combined sales from all 3 shows, making this list the super-top-best-sellers from our new collection (and old favorites too). If you missed visiting our showrooms in person, this is the perfect chance for you to see what everyone loved and check it out for yourself on our website.

So without further ado, here’s the list:

11. Water Pearls (regular and jumbo sizes)
10. Birch Vase (4.75″x 9″)
9. AD Light (all 3 sizes)
8. Silhouette Vase (36″)
7. Reindeer Moss
6. Bauble Picks (both sizes)
5. Clarinet Vase (10″x 32″)
4. Silver Spheres
3. Nikki Candelabra (40″ in all colors)
2. Vera Vase (13″x53.5″ and 8″x 31″)
And the #1 best seller at our shows this year is:
1. Wire Spheres (all sizes and colors)


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