Hint: BIG wedding plans ahead!

Hint: BIG wedding plans ahead!

I don’t know how much y’all know about Accent Decor’s history as a company, so let me fill you in a little bit: We are a family-owned company and have been in Atlanta for over 10 years. Because we’re a family business, we do things a little differently sometimes. Next month, we have an exciting event coming up. This event is exciting for two reasons 1-My little sister (Sarah) is getting married (our parents are the owners of Accent Decor) and 2-Hitomi is her florist, and the entire thing is going to be done with amazing Accent Decor products. And y’all are going to see all of it! Behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, the befores/afters, the finished product . . . I can’t wait for you to see the unique, beautiful event we have planned!

Last week, we had a shower for Sarah at our house. Because Els had just finished her fabulous photo shoot, we had plenty of beautiful fresh flowers to decorate with. . .

And here’s a quick peek at their reception venue in downtown Atlanta. I can’t wait to see what Hitomi’s going to do with the space – I’m sure it’s going to be perfectly fabulous!
One last shot of the happy couple that I took when they first got engaged. In less than a month, they will be married!


  1. Congratulations to your family! I look forward to seeing all the gorgeousness!

  2. Rhoda/ St Cloud Floral

    27 August

    I can't wait too see!!!!

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